Free Seminars for Parents

The first of three Parent Training Seminars starts tonight, January 8th, from 6-7pm.

These “Triple P” Positive Parenting Programs are designed to teach and support parents in improving children’s behavior and overall family unit success. This is a nationally recognized program coming to us for free, and you do not have to attend all three sessions to join in.

This program is only being offered to Poinciana STEM Parents, and child care will be available. That’s tonight, January 8th, next Thursday, January 15th, and Thursday, January 22nd. All sessions are from 6-7pm. Please park in the teacher parking lot on the north side of the school and enter through the side door (by the SACC office). The front doors will not be open.

Tazbots Food Rap

Help one of our Tazbot FIRST Lego League teams by watching their Food Pyramid Wrap on YouTube

Click here to watch the video

Math Family Support Videos

Click on the links to view the videos

Third Grade: Understanding Division

Fourth Grade: Factors, Multiples, and Patterns

Movie Night Rescheduled

Family Fun Movie Night has been rescheduled for Friday, December 12th


Annual Craft Fair, Silent Auction & Pancake Breakfast

The annual Craft fair, Silent Auction & Pancake Breakfast will be held this Saturday, November 8th from 8:00AM – 1:00PM. Breakfast will be served from 8:00 – 11:00. Entertainment and activities will continue until 1:00PM. All proceeds go toward our Safety Patrols’ trip to Washington D.C.

The school is located at 1203 N Seacrest Blvd in Boynton Beach.
For more information call 561 739-5714 or 561 739-5700.

Watch Tomorrow Morning’s Total Lunar Eclipse!

The moon moves from west to east across the Earth’s shadow. The horizontal yellow line depicts the ecliptic – Earth’s orbital plane projected onto the dome of sky. The greatest eclipse takes place on October 8, at 10:55 Universal Time (6:55 a.m. EDT). Image from

You might want to set your alarm clocks a bit early tomorrow morning so you can check out the Moon as it sets in total Lunar Eclipse! No special equipment is needed, although a lawn chair, a pair of binoculars, and a mug of hot cocoa will make the eclipse even more enjoyable. Just look to the West and you can watch the eclipse!

It is hard to predict exactly what color Moon may end up while in eclipse. The only light hitting the moon is some of the Sun’s light reflected off of the Earth. As this eclipse is happening very close to our horizon, the Earth’s atmosphere will affect the light reflecting off of the Moon even more. The only way to know what the Moon may end up looking like tomorrow is to check it out yourself.

The image above shows the Universal Times of the different parts of the eclipse. The important times to keep track of here in South Florida are:

Eastern Daylight Time (October 8, 2014)
Partial umbral eclipse begins: 5:15 a.m. EDT on October 8
Total eclipse begins: 6:25 a.m. EDT
Greatest eclipse: 6:55 a.m. EDT
Moon Sets: 7:19 a.m. EDT
Total eclipse ends: 7:24 a.m. EDT
Partial eclipse ends: 8:34 a.m. EDT

So go to bed early tonight so you can get up and check out the eclipse!


Open House for Grades 3-5 This Wednesday, 6:00-7:00pm!

Poinciana’s 3rd – 5th grade teachers are looking forward to sharing what’s going on in their classrooms this Wednesday night, September 10. The programs will take place in your child’s classroom, beginning promptly at 6:00pm with a message from Mrs. Lee over PNN.

The programs are for parents only, if you cannot find child care you can drop your kids off in the cafeteria before going to their classrooms. See you then!

Fall Fundraiser

Our Fall Fundraiser Deadline has been extended to Tuesday, September 16! You have one more week to reach your goal of 5 items to attend the Slam Dunk Show!

Bonus: Sell one item online and receive the rare Chicken Bear! Go and use school online ID: 1854835. The online store has more options including items with your favorite professional and college team logos, personalized items and unique holiday items not found int the catalog!

Open House / Curriculum Nights Coming Soon!

We look forward to seeing all parents at one of Poinciana’s Open House / Curriculum Nights over the next 2 weeks. Please check the dates for your student’s grade level below.


Parents only in classrooms – If you cannot find child care, we will be supervising children in the cafeteria from 6:00-7:00.
Parents only in classrooms – If you cannot find child care, we will be supervising children in the cafeteria from 6:00-7:00.

Find Out What’s Happening at Poinciana With Our Calendar Page!


Poinciana is a busy place, and it can be tricky keeping up with events, holidays and half days, and our Fine Arts and Resource Labs schedule. Check out our Calendar Page which includes the letter day schedule, which grade levels have which Resource Labs, and lots of other Poinciana happenings!

Poinciana Calendar Page