Health Screenings

Health screenings are an effective way to identify or detect commonly-occurring health problems or conditions, making early intervention possible.  The State of Florida mandates that vision, hearing, growth and development and scoliosis screenings be provided in designated grades to students in Florida schools (64F-6.003). These screenings are conducted throughout the school year by trained staff. Health screenings do not diagnose, but may detect a need to have further assessment and/or treatment. When indicated, parents will receive a notification letter encouraging professional evaluation. Guidelines for referrals are based on recommendations by the appropriate professional organization. The School Nurse is available to answer questions and assist in finding available local resources in response to the referral. Early intervention may favorably alter the outcomes of health problems that are identified.  Untreated health issues may affect students’ health and academic performance.

For more information regarding health screenings contact Sara Mayo, your School Nurse, or visit